Using the Names List

What follows is a list of all persons buried, memorialized or with lots reserved at the Orr's Island Cemetery. Each name is linked to the applicable plot record page where plot owner, individual grave or memorial location, date of birth, date of death and monument images are displayed. At the top of the record page is a link to a schematic map that shows by section, row and number where each plot is located.

You may use your browser search feature, normally "Ctrl F" to enter a name and find all instances of it in the list below. Or you may simply scan the list in three columns below that is alphabetized by last name then first name.

Acree, Raymond K.
Alexander, Althea A. Dunlap
Alexander, Arthur B.
Alexander, Beulah Aulina
Alexander, Deborah P.
Alexander, Emma E.
Alexander, Emore G. (Memorial)
Alexander, Juliette L.
Alexander, Keith Earle
Alexander, Martha R. Prince
Alexander, Thomas W.
Allen, Aulennah G. Frye
Allen, reserved-Bruce Linscott
Allen, Charlotte E. Shea
Allen, reserved-Dawn Marie
Allen, reserved-Joanne R. Sweeny
Allen, Malcomb Larry, Sr.
Allyn, reserved-Betsey
Allyn, Harry
Anderson, John Jack
Anderson, reserved-Rhonda Nelson
Arndt, Alice Sumner
Arndt, Robert N. D.
Atkinson, Natalie K.
Atwood, John
Atwood, Marion P.
Atwood, Theodore P.
Bailey, Charlotte E.
Bailey, Dora M.
Bailey, Elizabeth L.
Bailey, Herbert A.
Bailey, Lawrence
Bailey, Lawrence, Jr.
Bailey, reserved-Patricia A.
Bailey, William F.
Baker, Bertha M.
Baker, Earle L.
Baker, Emilie H.
Baker, Israel
Baker, Kenneth E.
Baker, Loretta M.
Baker, Martin
Baker, Norma J.
Baker, William J. C.
Barker, reserved-Constance Putnam
Barker, Walter
Barstow, Elzada N.
Barstow, William
Benoit-reserved, Theodore D. Sr.
Benoit-reserved, Yvonne A. Sylvester
Bernier, Armand L.
Bernier, Mary C.
Berry, Gladys E. Baker
Berry, Lawrence L.
Bibber, Elizabeth J.
Birkenbine, John L.
Black, Albert W.
Black, Alice M.
Black, Capt. Charles
Black, Charles S.
Black, George H.
Black, Harvey C.
Black, Hattie
Black, Iona L.
Black, John
Black, Kenneth D.
Black, Marjorie O. Murch
Black, Mary
Black, Robert S.
Black, Sylvester G.
Blake, Augusta A.
Blake, Elizabeth J.
Blake, Fannie E.
Blake, Lizzie I.
Blake, Robert
Blake, Zina L.
Bonarrigo, Joseph F.
Bond, Jonathan (Jot)
Boyce, Fan E.
Boyce, Gordon L.
Boyce, John
Boyce, Phillip W.
Boyce, Prudence A. M.
Boyce, Susan E. Linscott
Boyce, Susie
Boyce, William H.
Boyce, William H. Jr.
Bragdon, Elizabeth Johnson
Bragdon, John E.
Brigham, Bessie H.
Brigham, Beulah L.
Brigham, Curtis
Brigham, Hannah E.
Brigham, Capt. Simeon
Bryant, Joseph O. A.
Bryant, Malleville
Bryson, Clark
Bryson, Nathile
Buchanan, Malcolm A.
Byford, Michael
Byford, Rita L.
Byford, William H.
Cail, Iona M.
Cary, Donald Downing
Cary, Helen Hardwick
Catlin, Kenneth E.
Catlin, Madelyn T.
Chase, Alswitha Sylvester
Chase, Alvis G.
Chase, Benny
Chase, Georgianna
Cheverie, Edith Brigham
Coffin, Abbie
Coffin, Abigail
Coffin, Annie V.
Coffin, Edmund
Coffin, Emeline
Coffin, John P.
Coffin, Sarah J.
Coffin, Vina I
Converse, Alfred L.
Converse, Carolyn R.
Coombs, James R.
Coombs, Sarah G.
Cornell, Herbert J.
Cornell, Rosetta M. Prince
Coughlan, Cecily Baker
Coughlan, Cecily Carlisle
Crowley, Florence
Crowley, Mark
Curran, Eunice A.
Curran, John J.
Curran, Joseph
Curran, reserved-Nancy A.
Curran, Nellie I.
Curran, Paul David
Curran, reserved-Phillip E.
Curran, Walter M.
Currier, Charles M.
Currier, Florence L.
Currier, Perley A.
Dennis, Gertrude Linscott
Doughty, Abbie E.
Doughty, Alonzo F.
Doughty, Angie A. Green
Doughty, Charles E.
Doughty, Chester E.
Doughty, Elijah E.
Doughty, Ellsworth A.
Doughty, Frankie
Doughty, Harold E.
Doughty, Hartley L.
Doughty, Hilda E. Ludwig
Doughty, James E.
Doughty, James Edward
Doughty, Joseph E.
Doughty, Lillian E. Linscott
Doughty, Lizzie E. Green
Doughty, Lucy O. Bibber
Doughty, Marguerite J.
Doughty, Mary C.
Doughty, Roland
Doughty, Rovena M.
Doughty, Ruth M.
Doughty, William H.
Doughty, William H.
Douglas, Lois E.
Driscoll, John P.
Ducote, Pearl S.
Duley, Martha E.
Dunlap, Clyde A.
Dunlap, Edgar L.
Dunlap, Eleanor E.
Dunlap, Emma Lida
Dunlap, Percy Leroy
Dunning, Alfred J.
Dunning, Harriette C.
Durgin, Julia
Durgin, Taylor
Dyer, Abigail J. Getchell
Dyer, Edith E.
Dyer, Ella F.
Dyer, Etta M.
Dyer, Everett E.
Dyer, George W.
Dyer, Laura E.
Dyer, Sarah
Edwards, Benjamin S.
Edwards, Harold (Bud)
Edwards, Sarah S.
Farnsworth, John H.
Farnsworth, Shirley M.
Farr, Caroline S. Merriman
Farr, Capt. Edward I.
Farr, Isaac
Farr, Sarah F. Sinnett
Feldmate, Frances (Mother)
Ferris, Ethel F.
Ferris, Harold R. B.
Ferris, Stewart
Fides, Antone
Fides, Avery M. Jr.
Fides, Avery M. Sr.
Fides, Elaine M.
Fides, Frank W.
Fides, Marion W.
Fides, Norma Cox
Fides, Peter Jon
Fides, Vester A.
Fides, Virginia R. Littlejohn
Fletcher, Abbot
Fletcher, Corinne E.
Fletcher, reserved-Eileen
Foreit, Beverly H.
Foreit, Francis H.
Forgit, Alice B.
Forgit, reserved-Raymond W.
Fortner, Dorothy Jean
Frye, Abbie J.
Frye, John H.
Frye, Lydia A. M.
Frye, Thankful
Fuller, Debra Lyn
Fuller, Robert H.
Gamble, Edward Gamble
Gardiner, Katherine L.
Gay, Norman L.
George, A. Milton
George, Elizabeth W.
George, Steven Harry, Jr.
Gerber, Judith M.
Gerber, Tammy L.
Gerber, William A.
Gilliam, Adrianna M.
Gilliam, Albert E.
Gilliam, Albert S.
Gilliam, Betty J.
Gilliam, Burton P.
Gilliam, Charles E.
Gilliam, Charles W, Jr.
Gilliam, Charles W. Sr.
Gilliam, Daisy W. Huff
Gilliam, Dewey L.
Gilliam, Donald E. Sr.
Gilliam, Edward W.
Gilliam, Eliza Lucretia Doughty
Gilliam, Emore
Gilliam, George W. Sr.
Gilliam, Grace
Gilliam, Hannah D. Blake
Gilliam, Iva G.
Gilliam, Julia Wallace
Gilliam, Maude E.
Gilliam, Olive Grace
Gilliam, Raymond E.
Gilliam, Roy Marshall
Gilliam, reserved-Sonia J.
Gilliam, Walter E.
Gilliam, William
Gillum, William
Given, Mary Louise
Gleason, Beatrice E.
Gleason, George F.
Graham, Aubrey Carman
Grant, Eliot Kimball
Grant, Marion Holt
Graves, Aulenah D.
Graves, Eva May Thompson
Graves, George F.
Graves, Josephine Beal
Graves, Leahtene M.
Graves, Royal S.
Graves, Royal Sanford
Graves, Susan S.
Green, Arthur A.
Green, Baby
Green, Benjamin F.
Green, Charles M.
Green, Elijah
Green, Ellison
Green, Etta F.
Green, Freddie C.
Green, reserved-Grace A.
Green, Harvey E.
Green, Hattie F.
Green, Henry
Green, Jennie A.
Green, John H.
Green, Johnie E.
Green, Linda E.
Green, Marietta Wallace
Green, Martha A.
Green, Mary F.
Green, Robert H.
Green, Sarah J.
Green, Vanie E.
Green, Vernie E.
Green, Zephalena L.
Hacker, Martha Linscott
Hagenbuch, Amy Dunlap
Hall, Emma J.
Hall, Gernard H.
Hall, William H.
Hancock, Alice G.
Hanson, Ellen L. Roberts
Hanson, Lewis F.
Harper, Celia A.
Harper, Joseph S.
Harper, Thelma A.
Harris, Beatrice I.
Harris, Benjamin F.
Harris, Elizabeth
Harris, Irving G.
Harris, James F.
Harris, Lena M.
Harris, Marion A.
Harris, Meta K.
Harris, Natalie P.
Hay, Josephine Hay
Hersey, Albert J.
Hersey, Edgar A.
Hersey, Florence M.
Hersey, Lyman
Hersey, Martha E.
Hewell, Elizabeth Townsend
Heyer, Harry S.
Heyer, Minnie Linscott
Hillman, Ernest F. Jr.
Hillman, Ernest F. Sr.
Hillman, Mildred C.
Holman, reserved-Barbara Gregoire
Holman, J. Harrison III
Holt, Jeffrey H.
Hoverson, Hellen R.
Howard, Irene R.
Howard, Richard A.
Hudson, William R.
Huff, Adeline York
Huff, Charles F.
Huff, Effie M.
Huff, James V.
Huff, James Young
Huff, John F.
Huff, Lendall N.
Huff, Marion E. Steeves
Huff, Melvin
Huntington, Alvin T.
Huntington, Alwin A.
Huntington, Cordelia H. Jordan
Huntington, Nina C.
James, Carol Ann Thurston
James, Karl Willard
Jerman, Mary E.
Johnson, Addie Rebecca
Johnson, Albert Corey
Johnson, Albert Corey, Jr.
Johnson, Albert Edward
Johnson, Alfred
Johnson, reserved-Arlene L.
Johnson, Arthur Madison
Johnson, Bessie Evelyn
Johnson, Caroline L.
Johnson, Carrie May
Johnson, Charity
Johnson, Charles F.
Johnson, Content Percy
Johnson, David
Johnson, Edward R.
Johnson, Eleanor
Johnson, Ephraim
Johnson, Ephraim, Jr.
Johnson, Frances L.
Johnson, Harriette May
Johnson, Helen E.
Johnson, Hugh E.
Johnson, Jeanette Pearl
Johnson, John E.
Johnson, Lettice O.
Johnson, Lydia Farr
Johnson, Marguerite L. Gilliam
Johnson, Maria Hawkes
Johnson, Martha Orr
Johnson, Nellie Harper
Johnson, Ralph
Johnson, Ralph
Johnson, Ralph, Jr.
Johnson, reserved-Pemberton Everett
Johnson, Robert F.
Johnson, reserved-Robert F. II
Judkins, Carlton W.
Judkins, Marshall Jr.
Judkins, Marshall E. Sr.
Judkins, reserved-Theresa A.
Kelder, Edna
Kirby, Diane M.
Kirby, John D.
Kitchell, Catherine Brakin
Kitchell, Harvey Sheldon
Lachapell, Craig T.
Lachapell, Jeffery W.
Leavitt, Eleanor
Leavitt, Elizabeth B.
Leeman, Deborah M.
Leeman, reserved-Jerry
Leeman, Louise A.
Leeman, reserved-Margaret L.
Leeman, Oscar W.
Leeman, Walter A. Sr.
Leonard, reserved-Ann Hatstat
Leonard, Elnora
Leonard, George
Leonard, Kenneth Baker
Lewis, Durward W.
Libby, A. Genevieve
Libby, H. Stanley
Linscott, Abbie E.
Linscott, Addie E.
Linscott, Allie L.
Linscott, Carlton L.
Linscott, Charles A.
Linscott, Eliza F. Doughty
Linscott, Elnora M. Huff
Linscott, Ernest P.
Linscott, Ernest P. Jr.
Linscott, Ethel S.
Linscott, Faith S.
Linscott, Flora E.
Linscott, Frank A.
Linscott, Fred E.
Linscott, George A.
Linscott, Herbert L.
Linscott, Hugh Sinnett
Linscott, Imogene Wallace
Linscott, Infant_Son_of_John E.
Linscott, Isaac Orrin. Jr.
Linscott, Isaac Orrin. Sr.
Linscott, James
Linscott, James
Linscott, James A.
Linscott, Jean Claire Doremus
Linscott, John
Linscott, Josephine Doughty
Linscott, Josephine Nickerson
Linscott, Josie M.
Linscott, Julia C.
Linscott, Lillian Maude
Linscott, Marion E.
Linscott, Mary Black
Linscott, Mary E. (Mother) York
Linscott, Moses Black
Linscott, Moses Black, Jr.
Linscott, Robert O.
Linscott, S. Bernard
Linscott, S. Bernard, Jr.
Linscott, Sarah F. Doughty
Linscott, Susan Elzada Wallace
Linscott, Sylvanus B. Sr.
Linscott, Virdie May Gilliam
Linscott, William Henry
Littlejohn, Abigail P. Orr
Littlejohn, Augustine
Littlejohn, Benjamin Estes
Littlejohn, Cora L.
Littlejohn, Dora A.
Littlejohn, Edward Simeon
Littlejohn, Isaac Warren
Littlejohn, James E.
Littlejohn, Mary A.
Littlejohn, Mary A. Sinnett
Littlejohn, Mary Ann Barstow
Littlejohn, Minott D.
Littlejohn, Nathan H.
Littlejohn, Rebecca J.
Littlejohn, Reuben
Littlejohn, Simeon
Littlejohn, William
Littlejohn, William H.
Long, Marcellus Ellliot
Lord, Amanda E.
Lord, Charles F.
Lord, Etta F.
Lovell, Irving Albion
Lovell, Mary Ella Stevens
Lubee, Arlene Ellen
Lubee, Herbert Earl
Lubee, Thomas H.
MacCracken, John Edgar
MacCracken, Marion Doughty
MacEllman, Roberta M.
Mansfield, May Snow
Mansur, Joseph H. M.D.
Marsh, Arthur B.
Marsh, Isabel Owens
Mathieson, Donald R.
Mathieson, Georgie F.
McCail, Iona M.
McClellan, Eltynge P.
McClellan, Mildred Hughes
McClellan, Richard York
McClellan, William J.
McFadden, Davis L.
McFadden, Dorothy Louise
Mercier, Elaine I.
Mercier, Leo G.
Mercier, Marjorie H.
Merrill, Constance L. Sylvester
Mickles, Olive Mae
Miller, Dylan Wayne
Missud, Constance G. C.
Missud, Fletcher A.
Moody, Addie E.
Moody, Harvey S.
Moore, Aaron D.
Moore, Lucile M.
Morgan, Chester E.
Morgan, Chester W.
Morgan, Deborah Johnson
Morgan, George E.
Morrill, Emily A. Alden
Morrill, Nellie Doyle
Morrill, Steven F.
Murtha, Catherine M.
Murtha, James A.
Nason, Leslie B.
Nason, Sadie L.
Neal, Doris E.
Neal, Earl L.
Nelson, Maxine Linscott
Nickerson, Bessie
Nickerson, Euphemy
Nickerson, Frank F.
Nickerson, James W.
Nickerson, Jennie E.
Nickerson, Willie
No Name, Natalie
North, Edith L.
Oddo, Juliette
Olson, Kimberly Sue
Olson, reserved-David John
Olson, reserved-Nancy Hartman
Orr, Adeline C. Totman
Orr, Alfred
Orr, Charles E.
Orr, David
Orr, Capt. David
Orr, David W.
Orr, Eliza J.
Orr, Elizabeth
Orr, Eunice E.
Orr, Eunice Jordan
Orr, Florence A. Townsend
Orr, Frances
Orr, Frank J.
Orr, George
Orr, Hannah Sinnett
Orr, Harmon C.
Orr, Harvey W.
Orr, Henry
Orr, Henry W.
Orr, Hiram C.
Orr, Hugh
Orr, Jacob J.
Orr, Capt. James
Orr, John Dunning
Orr, Lina N. Ricker
Orr, Lucinda C.
Orr, Mary Sinnett
Orr, Nancy M.
Orr, Rachel C. Alexander
Orr, Rebecca
Orr, Rhoda A.
Orr, Richard
Orr, Richard
Orr, Richard
Orr, Sadie E.
Orr, Capt. Samuel
Orr, William
Page, Kimball M.
Pennell, Willliam Brown
Perkins, Charles E.
Perkins, Charles J.
Perkins, Harriett P.
Perkins, Harriett P.
Perkins, Victor E.
Phillips, Charles, M. D.
Phillips, Charles L. Jr.
Phillips, Frances
Phillips, Joyce E.
Phillips, Katherine Smith
Philoon, Helen Griswald
Philoon, Thurman Everett
Pinkham, Ralph S.
Pinkham, Sadie M.
Popper, Joseph
Popper, Julia Pye
Porter, Robert J.
Porter, Ruth M.
Powers, Arthur G.
Powers, Kim Mary
Powers, Marjorie E. Johnson
Prince, Baby
Prince, Bradford James
Prince, Fidelia (Mother) T.
Prince, Harriet E. Stilphen
Prince, John
Prince, Lillian J.
Prince, Lowel Bradford
Prince, Marcellus J.
reserved-Prince, Marilyn S.
Prince, Mary Jane Jennie
Prince, Sanford Jack, Jr.
Prince, Sanford Jack, Sr.
Prince, Sylvanus (Father) Cushing
Putnam, Doris Julia Tozier
Putnam, Lawrence A. M. D.
Pye, Estelle L.
Pye, James E.
Pye, John H.
Pye, Julia
Pye, Mahala E.
Pye, Mary L.
Pye, Nettie
Rackleff, Rachael H.
Randlev, Vivian P.
Ray, Everlena Pye
Raymond, Charles L.
Raymond, Kathryn L.
Reed, reserved-Edward
Reed, Eileen E.
Richardson, Ada E.
Richardson, Adelbert W.
Richardson, Albert A.
Richardson, Betsey S.
Richardson, C. Warren
Richardson, Charles E
Richardson, Charles E.
Richardson, Edward E.
Richardson, Edward W.
Richardson, Flora A.
Richardson, Jessie E.
Richardson, John A.
Richardson, Mary Agnes
Richardson, Mary E. Hadfield
Richardson, Maurice H.
Ricker, Ida M.
Rideout, Edna O.
Robbins, Beulah Prince
Robertson, Edwin W.
Robertson, Marjorie M.
Robinson, Belle P.
Robinson, Blanche McPhee
Robinson, Charles A.
Robinson, Effie Linscott
Robinson, Harold M.
Robinson, Hattie May
Robinson, Jean P. Clukey
Robinson, Joshua
Robinson, Rovenia C.
Robinson, Willis A.
Robinson, Willis M.
Roche, Babara A.
Roche, David
Roche, Lawrence E.
Rooff, Edwin
Rooff, Teresa Doughty
Ryan, John J.
Ryan, Linda L. Merrill
Sackett, Pauline W.
Shea, Catherine E.
Shea, Edna A. Richardson
Shea, Harold B.
Shea, Herbert G.
Shea, Jeremiah A.
Shea, Joseph W.
Shea, Julietta
Shiras, George Peter
Shiras, Rosemary Carpenter Shove
Short, Jeanette Winchell
Simmons, Janet Hart
Singer, Esther Mamie Stevens
Singer, Gertrude
Singer, Robert E.
Sinnett, Adam
Sinnett, Adam
Sinnett, Albert L.
Sinnett, Anna Orr
Sinnett, Betsey H.
Sinnett, Deborah
Sinnett, Deborah
Sinnett, Effie A.
Sinnett, George
Sinnett, Hannah B. Merriman
Sinnett, James
Sinnett, James A.
Sinnett, John
Sinnett, Martha W.
Sinnett, Michael
Sinnett, Olive M. Durgan
Sinnett, Stephen
Sinnett, Stephen
Sinnett, Susan
Skolfield, Clement B.
Skolfield, Lydia Johnson
Smeal, Linda Jean
Smith, Ida A.
Smith, Katherine B.
Smull, Edna M. Robinson
Smull, Walter G.
Snow, Edgar W.
Snow, Eleanor
Snow, George E.
Snow, Henry I.
Snow, Junie M.
Snow, Martha Linscott
Spellman, Lawrence, W.
Starbird, Ethel_and_Baby
Stevens, Albert H.
Stevens, Arthur R.
Stevens, Deborah Ann Littlejohn
Stevens, Eliza F.
Stevens, Ernest W.
Stevens, George S.
Stevens, Ida E. Boyce
Stevens, Jane B.
Stevens, Mabel M. McLeod
Stevens, Mary E. Hackett
Stevens, Oliver
Stevens, Raymond
Stevens, Rufus A.
Stevens, Stella I.
Stevens, Walter J.
Stevens, William
Stevens, William T.
Stewart, Sandra
Stilphen, Elizabeth Beck
Stilphen, Ellen
Stilphen, George E.
Stilphen, reserved-Gerald B.
Stilphen, Harry F.
Stilphen, Harvey A.
Stilphen, Harvey A.
Stilphen, Harvey Edward
Stilphen, Hattie M.
Stilphen, James E.
Stilphen, James F.
Stilphen, Jim
Stilphen, John L.
Stilphen, Kathleen E.
Stilphen, Lendall N.
Stilphen, Lendall N. Jr.
Stilphen, reserved-Lorna I. Johnson
Stilphen, Madelyn F.
Stilphen, Mary E. Linscott
Stilphen, Mary Ruth
Stilphen, Myra E.
Stilphen, Patricia Ann
Stilphen, Pearl M.
Stilphen, Priscilla Vetterline
Stover, Eleanor
Sumner, Margaret Gordon
Sumner, reserved-Phillip Edward
Swan, Charles Henry. Jr.
Sweetman, William G. E. III
Sylvester, Abigail Orr
Sylvester, Alice F. Linscott
Sylvester, Augustus
Sylvester, Augustus
Sylvester, Baby Boy
Sylvester, Clareta L. Johnson
Sylvester, Janet Louise Puffer
Sylvester, reserved-John Edward, Jr.
Sylvester, John Edward, Sr.
Sylvester, reserved-Kathleen Mary
Sylvester, Lydia Ann Coffin
Sylvester, Nelly Anna Sproull
Sylvester, reserved-Suzanne M.
Sylvester, Vera T.
Sylvester, William A.
Sylvester, William E.
Sylvester, William Edmund
Thayer, Hazel Wepfer
Thayer, Jarvis M.
Thurston, Gladys E.
Thurston, James W.
Thurston, James Watson
Thurston, Sue
Thurston, Watson H.
Tibbetts, Charles
Tibbetts, John W.
Tibbetts, Harmon W.
Tibbetts, Mary C.
Titcomb, Abbie C.
Todd, Charles D.
Todd, Margaret B.
Toomey, Amy L.
Trowell, Abbie Frances
Trowell, James A.
Trufant, Adelaide E.
Unknown, Helen
Van Gelder, Charles Pool
Van Gelder, Elizabeth Katherine
Van Gelder, Katherine B. F.
Wallace, Charles M.
Wallace, Joseph L.
Ward Lucy Ellen Orr
Webber, Judson A.
Webber, Odessa L. Barbour
Webster, reserved-John R.
Welch, Francis
Welch, Rose
Whiteside, Virginia S.
Williams, Brandt R.
Williams, Brandt Robert
Williams, Capt. George L.
Williams, Lettice E. Barstow
Williams, Michael E.
Williams, Nancy Sylvester
Williams, Warren S.
Wilson, Abbie F. Allen
Wilson, Alvin E.
Wilson, Alvine
Wilson, Bernard E.
Wilson, Bradbury G.
Wilson, Clifton R. Sr.
Wilson, Cora Belle
Wilson, David E.
Wilson, David E.
Wilson, Deborah W.
Wilson, Duncan E.
Wilson, E. M.
Wilson, Edna C.
Wilson, Edward B.
Wilson, Edwina J.
Wilson, Elbridge H.
Wilson, Eliza J. Lang
Wilson, Elmer L.
Wilson, Fannie M. Orr
Wilson, Florence M.
Wilson, Frances A.
Wilson, George T.
Wilson, Herbert E.
Wilson, Infants of R.E and F.M
Wilson, Capt. John C.
Wilson, John S.
Wilson, Joseph M.
Wilson, Josie F.
Wilson, Keith E.
Wilson, Lemuel S.
Wilson, Mary
Wilson, Mary E.
Wilson, Mary J.
Wilson, Mateldia
Wilson, Nettie
Wilson, Raymond E.
Wilson, Robert E.
Wilson, Robert G.
Wilson, Ruth Edna
Wilson, Sarah A.
Wilson, Sylvia Dunlap
Wilson, Victor E.
Wilson, Vivian E.
Wilson, Walter H.
Winchell, reserved-Diane
Winchell, Janet Gregory
Winchell, Robert Weatherill
Winchell, reserved-Thomas Riley
Winnewisser, Dorothy O.
Winnewisser, Frederick G.
Winnewisser, Paul B.
Woodward, Augusta M.
Woodward, Charles T.
Wyer, Elizabeth D.
Wyer, Hiram
Wyer, Joseph D.
Wyer, Joseph S.
Wyer, Margaret
Wyer, Martha Jane
Yanok, Michele C.
York, Alice B.
York, Alvia F. Jr.
York, Alvia Joe
York, Frank I.
York, Helen R.
York, Ira J.
York, Ira L.
York, Lucretia A.
York, Tavia L. Green