History and Physical Layout

Beginning with the initial grant of about one-third acre, the cemetery has grown over the years to a total of about four and one-half acres. It currently consists of seven sections, which reflect the cemetery's aquisition of adjoining parcels. These sections are called the Old Yard 1838, New Yard (1895), Church Yard (1940), Upper Terrace (1950), Intervale Terrace (1970, Valley Section (for future expansion) and Whiteside Parcel (future non-burial open space). The details of the land transactions over the years are available at this link.

The elevation change between the Old Yard and the Valley Section is about one-hundred feet, complicating the ground development but giving the cemetery a character all its own. What follows is a slide show containing photographs of the cemetery grounds. The customary slide show controls are in effect for pause/play, previous slide, next slide and jump to a particular slide.

Tour of the Grounds

  • Old Yard - 1838
  • New Yard - 1875
  • Church Yard - 1940
  • Upper Terrace - 1950
  • Intervale Terrace - 1970
  • Valley Section - For Future Expansion
  • Whiteside Parcel - Furure Non-burial Open Space
  • Meeting House Beyond the Old Yard
  • Flagpole Separates Old and New Yards
  • Steps to the Upper Terrace
  • Stairs to the Intervale Terrace
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  • Some Old Yard Monuments
Old Yard - 18381 New Yard - 18752 Church Yard - 19403 Upper Terrace - 19504 Intervale Terrace - 19705 Valley Section - For Future Expansion6 Whiteside Parcel - Furure Non-burial Open Space7 Meeting House Beyond the Old Yard8 Flagpole Separates Old and New Yards9 Steps to the Upper Terrace10 Stairs to the Intervale Terrace11 Upper Terrace Back Wall12 Some Old Yard Monuments13
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Some Interesting Facts