Burial Right

A "burial right" is defined to mean the right to inter the remains of a human being or the ashes of a human being, sometimes referred to as "cremains". All burial rights are subject to the Association's Rules and Regulations. No burial right shall be used for a purpose other than the burial of human remains or cremains or memorializing a deceased human being through placement of a monument.

Grant of Burial Right

A "grantee" is the individual (or family) that purchases burial rights or has received them by inheritance or valid transfer from a predecessor grantee. A grantee's acquisition of burial rights does not grant with it any right, title or interest in real estate but only the right to use one or more specifically defined burial sites in the Cemetery for burials, subject to Association Rules and Regulations and applicable laws and ordinances.

Purchase of Burial Right

Members of the Association in good standing shall be eligible to reserve or purchase burial rights in designated burial spaces within the Cemetery. Payment in full of the purchase price of burial rights, together with any unpaid membership dues, service fees or charges shall be made to the Association before the placing of a monument or any grave opening shall occur. Upon receipt of payment in full of the required amount, the Association will issue a certificate acknowledging its grant of burial rights in the Cemetery. Members holding an old style burial rights certificate may contact the Secretary to exchange it for the current version. Members wishing to purchase burial rights should contact the Superintendent for current prices and to arrange for the purchase.