Using the Veteran Names List

What follows is a list of all military vetrans buried or memorialized at the Orr's Island Cemetery. Each name is linked to the applicable plot record page where plot owner, individual grave or memorial location, date of birth, date of death and monument images are displayed. At the top of the record page is a link to a schematic map that shows by section, row and number where each plot is located. The branch of service and service period are included with the names listed below.

The branch of service codes are: USAF - U.S. Air Force, Army - U.S. Army, GAR - Grand Army of the Republic, USMC - U.S. Marine Corps, USMM - U.S. Merchant Marine, Navy - U.S. Navy, NA - Not Available

The service periods codes are: ACW - American Civil War, SAW - Spanish American War, WWI - World War I, WWII - World War II, KW - Korean War, VW - Vietnam War, NA - Not Available.

You may use your browser search feature, normally "Ctrl F" to enter a name and find all instances of it in the list below. Or you may simply scan the list below that is alphabetized by last name then first name.

Acree, Raymond K. 1925-2001 - USCG, WWII
Alexander, Emore G. 1929-2010 - Navy, KW
Alexander, Keith Earle 1933-2010 - Army, KW
Allen, Malcomb Larry, Sr. 1903_1998 - Navy, WWII
Anderson, John Jack 1946-2011 - Army, VW
Bailey, Lawrence, Jr. - 1942-1992 Navy, VW
Bailey, William F. 1932-1984 - Army, KW
Baker, Kenneth E. 1925-1988 - Navy, WWII
Baker, William J. C. 1906-1967 - Navy, WWI
Barker, Walter 1931-2007 - Army, KW
Berry, Lawrence L. 1903-1975 - Navy, WWII
Black, Albert W. 1888-1971 - Navy, WWI
Black, George H. 1866-1893 - NA, NA
Black, Robert S. 1940-2011 - USAF, VW
Boyce, Gordon L. 1912-2001 - Navy, WWII/KW
Boyce, Phillip W. 1916-1941 - Navy, WWII
Boyce, William H, JR. 1915- - Army, WWII
Bragdon, John E. 1911-1995 - Army, WWII
Brigham, Capt. Simeon 1838-1927 - GAR, ACW
Bryson, Clark 1895-1972 - Army, WWI
Cary, Donald Downing 1927-1997 - Army, WWII
Cary, Helen Hardwick 1893-1977 - Army, WWII
Catlin, Kenneth E. 1923-1987 - Navy, WWII
Coffin, Edmund 1839-1918 - GAR, ACW
Coffin, John P. NA-1876 - GAR, ACW
Coffin, Simeon NA-1876 - GAR, ACW
Curran, John J. 1923-1979 - Army, WWII
Currier, Perley A. 1893-1971 - Army, WWI
Doughty, Albert w. 1932-n/a - Navy, KW
Doughty, Alonzo F. 1893-1991 - Navy, WWI
Doughty, Chester E. 1894-1974 - Navy, WWI
Doughty, Elijah E. 1869-1936 - Army, WWI
Doughty, James Edward 1943-2007 - Army, VW
Doughty, Marguerite J. 1930-1995 - USAF, VW
Doughty, William H. 1935-1999 USAF, KW
Doughty, William H. 1844-1913 - GAR, ACW
Driscoll, John P. 1916-1989 - Navy, WWII/KW
Dunlap, Clyde A. 1922-1975 - Navy, WWII
Dunning, Alfred J. 1840-1914 - GAR, ACW
Dyer, George W. n/a-1888 - GAR, ACW
Edwards, Harold (Bud) 1923-2016 - Navy, WWII
Farnsworth, John H. 1903-1968 - Navy, WWII
Farnsworth, Shirley M. 1923-1983 - USMC, WWII
Ferris, Harold R. B. 1881-1958 - Army, WWI
Fides, Avery M. Jr. 1921-1990 - Navy, WWII
Fides, Avery M. Sr. 1893-1980 - Navy, WWI
Fides, Norma Cox 1936-2009 - USAF, KW
Fletcher, Abbot 1922-1999 - Navy, WWII
Foreit, Francis H. 1913-1985 - Army, WWII
Gay, Norman L. 1941-2016 Navy, VW
Gilliam, Albert S. 1923-1971 Navy, WWII
Gilliam, Burton P. 1920-2007 - USMM, WWII
Gilliam, Charles E. 1918-1983 - Army, WWII
Gilliam, Charles W. 1924-2014 - Navy, WWII
Gilliam, Donald E. Sr. - Army, WWII
Gilliam, Roy Marshall - Army, WWII
Green, Robert H. - USAF, KW
Hall, William H. - Navy, WWI
Hersey, Lyman - GAR, ACW
Hillman, Ernest F. Jr. - Navy, WWII
Huntington, Alvin T. - GAR, ACW
Johnson, Albert Corey - Army, WWII
Johnson, Edward R. - Army, WWII
Johnson, Hugh E. - Navy, WWI
Johnson, Ralph, Jr. - GAR, ACW
Johnson, Ralph H. -Army, WWII
Judkins, Marshall Jr. - Army, VW
Judkins, Marshall E. Sr. - Army, WWII
Leonard, Kenneth Baker - Navy, VW
Lewis, Durward W. - USAF, VW
Linscott, Isaac Orrin. Sr. - Navy, SAW
Linscott, Robert O. - USMC, WWII
Linscott, S. Bernard, Jr. Navy, WWII
Lubee, Herbert Earl - Navy, WWII
MacCracken, John Edgar - Army, WWI
Mathieson, Donald R. - Army, WWII
Murtha, James A. - Army, WWII
Orr, David - GAR, ACW
Pennell, William Brown GAR, ACW
Perkins, Charles J. - GAR, ACW
Phillips, Charles L. Jr. - Navy, WWII
Philoon, Thurman Everett - Army, WWII
Pinkham, Ralph S. - Navy, WWI
Powers, Arthur G. - Navy, WWII
Putnam, Lawrence A. M.D. - Army, WWII
Richardson, Albert A. - Army, WWI
Richardson, C. Warren - Army, WWII
Richardson, Charles E. - Army, WWI
Richardson, Edward E. - Army, SAW
Richardson, John A. - Army, WWI
Robinson, Willis M. - USAF, WWII
Shea, Herbert G. - Navy, WWI/WWII
Shea, Joseph W. - Navy, WWII
Shea, Julietta - Army, WWI
Shiras, George Peter - Navy, WWII
Smull, Walter G. - Army, WWII
Stilphen, George E. - USMM, WWII
Stilphen, James E. - GAR, ACW
Stilphen, Lendall N. Jr. - Navy, KW
Sylvester, William Edmund - Navy, WWI
Thurston, Watson H. - Army, WWII
Todd, Charles D. - Navy, WWII
Trowell, James A. - Army, WWI
Williams, Capt. George L. GAR, ACW
Wilson, Robert G. - GAR, ACW
York, Alvia F. Jr. - Army, WWII
York, Ira J. - Navy, WWII
York, Ira L. - Army, WWI